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Work by Carla Busuttil on new group exhibition in London, UK

Carla Busuttil’s Super High Viz is featured on a new group exhibition, titled Rules of Freedom, at the Collyer-Bristow Gallery in London (11 October – 13 February). The exhibition, curated by Rosalind Davis, explores the threat that modern freedoms, often taken for granted, are under in the twenty-first century digital age with the advent of Fake News, skewed votes and phone and election hacking. Within the context of the exhibition, Busuttil’s work, according to The Sunday Times, ‘clearly anticipates protests in France by demonstrators in high-vis jackets’.

Congratulations to Carla Busuttil on being shortlisted for the John Moores Painting Prize

Carla Busuttil is one of 60 artists to be nominated from 2,700 applicants for the 2018 John Moores Painting Prize – one of the highest accolades awarded to painters in the United Kingdom. As part of being nominated, Busuttil’s work, Trophy of a Dull Man, will be shown at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool (14 July – 18 November) as part of the Liverpool Biennial.

Carla Busuttil on Artist Alliance group show in New York

For a group exhibition at New York’s Cuchifritos Gallery, titled Scenes From A Chasm (15 June – 29 July), Carla Busuttil is one of just four artists invited to show work that ‘reflects on shadows cast by global wealth inequality and its impact on society, culture and an ever-shifting workplace.’ Paradise No.7 (lucky for sum), a series by Busuttil made for the exhibition, feature drawings on pages from the infamously leaked Paradise Papers which illustrate the connection between British colonialism to the current murky waters of global finance.

Carla Busuttil collaborates with designer Sadie Williams on new work

Carla Busuttil has been commissioned by the British Fashion Council and the Royal Academy of Arts to collaborate with London fashion designer Sadie Williams in producing a new work that crosses art forms. The work will be on exhibition and auction at Christies in London, March 2018.

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