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Carla Busuttil in Picturing People

A painting by Carla Busuttil has been included in a new Thames and Hudson publication titled Picturing People by Charlotte Mullins. The book attempts to address the question of how societies represent themselves through the practice of figurative art. Busuttil is profiled along with nearly sixty artists including Kara Walker, Grayson Perry, Cindy Sherman and Kehinde Wiley. Charlotte Mullins has been the editor of Art Review, V&A Magazine, and Art Quarterly.

Carla Busuttil in Milan

The Workbench gallery presents Carla Busuttil’s first solo exhibition in Milan, Italy from 8 to 31 July. Titled Polish your Speech, Polish your Teeth, the exhibition is curated by Pietro Di Lecce and includes works on paper accompanied by a film. The video The Tooth Colony concerns the bizarre crossroads of culture and identity and was shot while artist-in-residence on a farm in South Africa.

Carla Busuttil on Tutti Frutti in London

Carla Busuttil exhibits on the exhibition Tutti Frutti at Turps Gallery, London from 24 April. The inaugural show of the new Turps Gallery in South London will take place in collaboration with Marcus Harvey, director/editor of Turps Banana Magazine and Turps Art School. The gallery has put together a mixed painting show which aims to reflect the diversity of contemporary painting in London at the moment.

Carla Busuttil in London

The paintings of Carla Busuttil will be exhibited in the group show Figuratively Speaking at Heike Moras Art in London from 15 January to 11 February 2015. The exhibition is made up of artworks by a group of largely London-based artists who use the human body as their inspiration and playing field. Employing a more gestural or expressionistic style, the artists depict the human form using diverse approaches that question embodiment in our current post-Internet age. Busuttil will be one of the artists in conversation with Sacha Craddock on 29 January 2015.

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    Carla Busuttil / Mail & Guardian / 20 January 2011

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