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Group exhibitions for mounir fatmi at Musée du Château de Penthes in Switzerland, and Centre d'art contemporain de la Maison Populaire in Montreuil, France

Art & the Press: Free Exchanges, a group exhibition at Musee du Chateau de Penthes features work by Moroccan artist mounir fatmi (30 April – 1 October). The exhibition focuses on the artistic treatment of the press, exploring ways in which artists have used this theme as a subject in their work. In addition, fatmi will be on the group exhibition Come as you are at the Centre d’art contemporain de la Maison Populaire (7 May – 13 July). Taking its title from the iconic Nirvana song, the exhibition presents work which places the artist in the role of mythologist, helping to map our complex modern society.

mounir fatmi on group show at Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach, USA

Cut Up/Cut Out, a group show at Daytona Beach’s Museum of Arts and Sciences, features work by Moroccan artist mounir fatmi (8 December – 27 January). The exhibition explores the captivating methods of decorative piercing and cutting, using a wide range of media from paper and plastic to metal and rubber. fatmi will be showing his sculpture Between the Lines, a large circular saw blade embossed with Arabic calligraphy.

mounir fatmi video work at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum and on group exhibition at Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha

mounir fatmi has produced a new video work for Exotic x Modern, an exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum (6 October – 14 January). Titled The Human Factor, the work splices elements from a 1920s silent film, considered a manifesto for the Art Deco movement, together with archive materials from the 1931 Paris Colonial Exposition as an allusion to how these two cultural spheres of French society intersected. In Doha, fatmi also shows work on Revolution Generations at the Arab Museum of Art – an which brings together artists interest in important moments of change in the history of modern and contemporary art and runs (17 October – 16 February).

mounir fatmi on group show in Texas and Japan’s Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale

The Ellen Noel Art Museum in Texas will play host to the travelling group show Cut Up/Cut Out, which includes work by mounir fatmi (19 July – 14 October). The exhibition includes an international roster of artists who incorporate decorative piercing and cutting into their work through various media such as paper, plastic, rubber and in fatmi’s case, metal. Concurrently in Japan, fatmi will be one of fifty artists selected to create site-specific artwork for the 7th Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale (29 July – 17 September).

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    Dak'Art 2010: Looking back, facing forward? by J. Bouwhuis & K. Winking (217.8 KB)

    Mounir Fatmi / Whitehot Magazine / New York / 16 January 2010

    Mounir Fatmi at Galerie Hussenot by Blaire Dessent (610 KB)

    A grassy, rectangular church / Art South Africa / Winter 2010

    A grassy, rectangular church by James Sey (2.7 MB)