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mounir fatmi on urbanism and architecture biennial in China

mounir fatmi participates in the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture in Nantou Old Town in Shenzhen, China (15 December – 17 March). Under the theme of “Cities, Grow in Difference”, the biennial emphasises the multiplicity of identities and perspectivesin a diverse society. Drawing from the analogy of the city as “the Jungle of Growth”, the curatorial team of the biennial intend for the visual conversation created at the event to explore ideas of differences, hybridity and resistance. The exhibitions are spread across various locations – public parks and squares, residences and industrial buildings – in Nantou Old Town. Featuring works that constitute subtle urban interventions, which infiltrate into one’s daily life and encourage unexpected encounters and discoveries, the exhibition responds to what George Brecht once said, “[t]he most important things are the insignificant ones happening in the street”.

mounir fatmi and Gabrielle Goliath at the 11th African Biennale of Photography

fatmi and Goliath have been selected to participate in the 11th edition of the African Biennale of Photography in Bamako, Mali (2 December – 31 January). Taking place at the Musée National du Mali, the biennale is aimed at promoting the various trends in contemporary photography and video in Africa through creating and establishing international exchanges between artists, the public, curators, the media and international collectors.

mounir fatmi exhibits work in Japan

fatmi exhibits work on the exhibition, Diaspora Now! – Contemporary Arts around the Homeland, at the Museum of Fine Arts in Gifu, Japan (10 November – 8 January). The exhibition features artists who seek means of expression in new lands, gathering artistic subjects and standing alongside refugees, to draw the world’s attention to the plight of people who have been displaced in different ways.

mounir fatmi on exhibition at the Bandjoun Station Art Center

The Bandjoun Station Art Center exhibits work by mounir fatmi in its group exhibition, Newwwar. It’s Just a Game?, in Bandjoun, Cameroon (Opening 17 November). The exhibition brings together work by more than 20 artists to tackle the new ways that war is waged in the 21st century: remote-controlled, gamified, fictionalised and staged.

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    mounir fatmi / / June 2017

    Morocco’s Anti-Colonial 'Moon King' Lives by Alice McCool (1.4 MB)

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    Lessons of history come full circle by Anna Seaman (1.7 MB)

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    Fragility and the machine by Lisa Pollman (2.6 MB)

    Mounir Fatmi / La Gazelle / Habib Bourguiba / January - March 2014

    Mounir Fatmi: L'art de la reconstruction (973 KB)

    mounir fatmi / Millennium Film Journal / No. 54

    My Father Has Lost His Teeth by mounir fatmi (3 MB)

    mounir fatmi / Millennium Film Journal / No. 53

    mounir fatmi's Abstracting Winds by Laura U. Marks (3.3 MB)

    mounir fatmi / Drome Magazine No. 19 / Spring-Summer 2011

    One More Minute of Sun by Barbara Polla (6.1 MB)

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    Les Transformations Fondamentales by Pierre-Olivier Rollin (5.2 MB)

    Dak'Art 2010 / Nafas Art Magazine / May 2010

    Dak'Art 2010: Looking back, facing forward? by J. Bouwhuis & K. Winking (217.8 KB)

    Mounir Fatmi / Whitehot Magazine / New York / 16 January 2010

    Mounir Fatmi at Galerie Hussenot by Blaire Dessent (610 KB)

    A grassy, rectangular church / Art South Africa / Winter 2010

    A grassy, rectangular church by James Sey (2.7 MB)