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Kendell Geers and Mounir Fatmi on Bataille show in France

Work by Kendell Geers and Mounir Fatmi appears on the exhibition DÉPENSES, curated by Léa Bismuth, in which 11 artists respond to the writing of Georges Bataille. The exhibition, at Labanque in Béthune, France until 26 February 2017, will feature Geers’ Kaput Mortuum XXXV (2014) and The Rest (2016) by Fatmi.

Mounir Fatmi holds second solo exhibition at ADN Galeria, Barcelona

Mounir Fatmi currently has his second solo exhibition at ADN Galeria in Barcelona, titled The Index and the Machine, which runs until April 2017. The show’s title harks back to the Renaissance period when the printing machine was created and when the first Index (the list of books prohibited by the Church) was published. The printing press was one of the defining inventions of the Renaissance, dramatically shifting the terms of cultural production by allowing for the dissemination of ideas beyond the teachings of the church, but also the proliferation of Bible publications and the Church’s List of Prohibited Books (Index librorum prohibitorum). These hallmark moments of the Western Renaissance form the basis of Fatmi’s show.

mounir fatmi in France and at the Setouchi Triennale

Depth of Field, a solo exhibition by Mounir Fatmi, features a series of new work and site-specific installations created specifically for the grand opening of Labanque Bethune Contemporary Art Center in France. The ghost of Georges Bataille haunts the exhibition, and connects the underlying themes found in the work presented: the powerlessness of language, the multitude of perceptions, and the divisions between the body, sex, history and religion. Depth of Field questions the relevance of looking at a work of art in a world full of violence and current media fascination. The exhibition runs from 22 April to 28 August 2016. Fatmi will also take part in the 2016 Setouchi Triennale. Venues on several small islands in the Setouchi region of central Japan will host installations and art shows as part of this festival, which takes place in several phases throughout the year, and features work by well over 100 artists from Japan and beyond.

Mounir Fatmi in Marrakech

Mounir Fatmi’s solo exhibition, Darkening Process, which opened in January at the Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Arts, is based upon the idea of the Other; towards literature, Art History, figures and scientific experiments. Darkening Process consists of a series of photographic and video works, a sound installation and archival documents. The exhibition runs until 30 May. Work by Fatmi has also been included on the group exhibition Merchants of Dreams, which is divided into two parts and presented simultaneously at Brandts 13 and Viborg Kunsthal, Denmark until 8 May.

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