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Neliswe Xaba & Mocke J van Veuren Award-Winning Uncle & Angels at UJ

After travelling to over twenty cities across the world, Nelisiwe Xaba & Mocke J van Veuren’s Uncles & Angels will return to Johannesburg for a run at the UJ Art Centre Theatre (23 – 25 August). Winner of the FNB Art Prize in 2013, the interactive dance and video collaboration explores questions of chastity, virginity testing, purity and tradition. Altogether, the performance presents a compelling examination of the manipulation of cultural heritage, questioning how we look toward tradition for solutions to contemporary problems.

Nelisiwe Xaba exhibits on a group show at the Nirox Sculpture Park

Nelisiwe Xaba’s work features on the Nirox Sculpture Park’s group exhibition, Not a Single Story – The Winter Sculpture Exhibition, in Krugersdorp (12 May – 29 July). Co-curated by Elisabeth Millqvist and Mattias Givell, and organised in association with Wanås Konst, the exhibition combines existing works with new productions that will occupy and transform the surrounding landscape. In addition, the exhibition brings together artists from various backgrounds that represent a rich diversity of perspectives, including works by forerunners alongside less established artists, born between 1933 and 1993.

Neliswe Xaba performs at the Centre For The Less Good Idea

Xaba presents Bang-Bang-Wo, a performative lecture that grapples with the subject of help and aid, alongside video artist and collaborator Candida Merwe, at The Center For The Less Good Idea in Johannesburg (22 – 23 September). The piece considers the concept of ‘help’ in the contemporary global society: help as a sacrifice, demand and rhetoric, and questions how help instils power dynamics between the helper and the helped.

Nelisiwe Xaba at Dance Umbrella 2016

Dancer, performance artist and multimedia conceptualist Nelisiwe Xaba appears at this year’s Dance Umbrella on 27 February in the performance titled The Last Attitude and created with fellow performers Mamela Nyamza and Boyzie Cekwana. In 1997, Nyamza and Xaba were the only black dancers in the Pact Dance Company – one of the first official dance companies of the post-apartheid era. The Last Attitude cleverly and humorously targets one of the last strongholds of white elitist culture: ballet. An uncompromising duo about the damage that classical dancing inflicts on both body and mind.

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