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Paulo Nazareth on Brooklyn residency

Nazareth is currently on a residency from May to July at Residency Unlimited in New York, based at RU’s headquarters in the former South Congregational Church in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The residency is part of his award as the 2016 winner of the two main categories (PIPA and Popular Vote Exhibition) of the PIPA Prize, one of Brazil’s most prominent visual arts awards. As part of the residency, the artist also participated in a conversation with Claudia Calirman, Associate Professor of Art History at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY), On the Possibility of Dwelling in New York presented by RU and Mendes Wood DM on 23 June.

Various artists on Parisian video art festival

Four Goodman Gallery artists – Mounir Fatmi, Haroon Gunn-Salie, Paulo Nazareth and Tracey Rose – are included in Le Carreau du Temple’s video art festival,Videobox Festival: De Bruits et de Mouvements, in Paris (27–29 April). The festival focuses on how contemporary video artists use filmic works and practices to challenge and redefine the notion of ‘the gaze’ inherent within Western art.

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