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Rose Shakinovsky to feature on international group show in Italy, March – July

Work by Rose Shakinovsky will form part of a group exhibition, titled L’emozione dei COLORI nell’arte, at the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, opening on 14 March. The exhibition explores the use of colour in art, spanning different art movements that stand apart from the Western canon and other canonical histories associated with colour and abstraction. For more information visit

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    rosenclaire / Colour Theory / 2014

    rosenclaire / Immaterial Matters / 2012

    rosenclaire / re•collections / 2010

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    Sphères 2009 / Le Moulin

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    Critical Interventions - Journal of African Art History and Visual Culture

    37435Newsbetweenpapandpolenta.pdf (1.6 MB)

    Rosenclaire / Artthrob / March 2012

    Review by Michael Smith (140.6 KB)

    Rosenclaire / Sunday Independent / 18 March 2012

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    Rosenclaire / The Courier / June 2010

    Rosenclaire Investing in the immaterial (1.5 MB)

    Rosenclaire / Artthrob / February 2010

    Rosenclaire A Subtle Pairing by Andrew Lamprecht (559.4 KB)

    Rosenclaire / CLASSICFEEL / April 2009

    A New Dimension (3.7 MB)

    Rosenclaire / Sunday Times / April 2009

    Commodifying the countryside by Mary Corrigal (2.8 MB)

    Rosenclaire / CLASSICFEEL / September 2009

    A perfomative monument by Lore Watterson and Lara Koseff (5 MB)