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Tabita Rezaire on group show at Kunsthalle Mainz in Germany

Tabita Rezaire has been included on Virtual Insanity (3 August – 18 November), a major international group exhibition held at Kunsthalle Mainz in Germany, which examines the extension of reality and its shadowy underbelly. The artists included on Virtual Insanity address this subject by creating documents, writing reports and narratives, and developing scenarios. What unites the work on the exhibition is the unique approach each artist takes to the technical innovations and lifestyles brought about by the digital revolution.

Tabita Rezaire included on a curatorial project in Berlin

Rezaire participates in a new curatorial project, titled LUCKY and hosted by the Neue Gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst, which invites queer cultural agents to unveil power structures shrouded in myth and illusion of luck (7 July – 2 September). As such, the curatorial project’s exhibition, and its accompanying performance event series, reacts to luck as a cultural myth that normalises privilege. Masked as luck, white supremacy and patriarchy weave narratives that dull movements of resistance and perpetuate the status quo.

Tabita Rezaire at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

Tabita Rezaire’s work features on a new group exhibition, I Was Raised on the Internet, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago (23 June – 14 October). Curated by Omar Kholief, the exhibition explores how the internet has changed the way we experience the world, as well as the relationship between art and the internet today. Divided into five different sections, the exhibition documents a specific moment in time – beginning with 1998 and extending to the present – and focuses on the shifts that have occurred since the millennium. The nearly 100 works in the exhibition span photography, painting, sculpture, film, and video, as well as emerging technologies and interactive elements, which include interactive computer works and virtual reality.

Tabita Rezaire exhibits work at the Experiments in Cinema Festival in New Mexico

Tabita Rezaire exhibits a selection of video works on the exhibition, Experiment’Africa: Body & Soul, organised and circulated by Experiments in Cinema Festival in Albuquerque (10 – 14 April). Curated by Claire Diao, the exhibition showcases African media activists, filmmakers and artists who participate in and contribute towards shaping future trends of cultural representation.

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