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Tabita Rezaire at the Bury Art Museum in UK

Rezaire is one of a small group of artists on the Bury Art Museum’s summer exhibition, Foreigners, in Bury, United Kingdom (26 August – 18 November). The exhibition, curated by Tony Trehy, aims to illustrate how society is open and malleable to cultural exchange and the influence of globalisation. The exhibition comes at an important moment and time when borders are closing and cultural foreigners, divergent ideas and alternative modes of thinking are being treated as unwelcome in certain parts of the world.

Tabita Rezaire tackles digital commodification in Switzerland

Rezaire participates in an international group exhibition, Escaping the Digital Unease!, at the Kunsthaus Langenthal in Switzerland (31 August – 12 November). Since the beginning of the web 25 years ago, artists have built their own spaces and channels online. They have created artworks reacting to the commodification and restrictions of the digital medium in a critical way. The exhibition presents works from over 30 artists and collectives tackling these topics, raising awareness of the unease, and showing its causes or possibilities of an escape from it.

Tabita Rezaire speaks to UNESCO and Africalia

Rezaire presents a paper on ‘The Digital Divide and the Place of Africa in Cyberspace’ to UNESCO and Africalia, a not-for-profit initiative of the Belgian Development Cooperation, in Brussels (7 – 8 June).

NTU collective on 89plus exhibition in Zurich

Work by NTU – the art collective founded by Nolan Oswald Dennis, Tabita Rezaire and Bogosi Sekhukhuni – is included on a group exhibition, 89plus: Americans 2017, at the LUMA Westbau in Zurich (19 May – 3 September). Curated by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist for their ongoing 89plus project, it showcases new productions by 19 key artists and groups from around the globe. Stemming from the concept of algorithmic citizenship introduced by artist James Bridle’s Citizen Ex project, this group exhibition gives centre stage to the work of artists from countries as varied as Ghana, Kuwait, China, Lebanon, Austria and South Africa, all the while reflecting the influence of US-based ‘computerised processes’ over information, aspirations and concerns.

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