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Rezaire on group show in Hamburg, Germany

Rezaire’s work appears on M.Bassy’s latest group exhibition, More Aphrike #7, in Hamburg (24 February – 17 March). Hosted by the German non-profit arts organisation, and forming part of a series of exhibitions, More Aphrike examines how visual art can be used as another way of learning more about Afrofuturism. With many contemporary artists and designers from African countries and the Diaspora using Afrofuturism as a source of creative inspiration, the exhibition poses two questions: ‘What relationship do artists from African countries have to Afrofuturism?… [and is] the latest hype surrounding Afrofuturism a chance to be taken seriously on an international level?’.

Screening of Tabita Rezaire’s work at The Current Museum in New York

Rezaire is one of eight artists whose video works are screened at an event titled Identity==, hosted by the SoHo Salon and facilitated by The Current Museum (20 February). The event explores how contemporary artists are using video as a medium to subvert, disassemble, and undo the standard language that is used talk about and express identity. The intention of the event is to show how artists are offering new and surprising paradigms for framing identity as a mode for collective meaning-making.

Tabita Rezaire features on a group exhibition in Switzerland

Rezaire video work is included on the latest group exhibition, titled NO FEAR OF FAINTING IN A GYM, at the Stiftung Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen in Switzerland (27 January – 25 March). The exhibition features works by international female artists who take the body – as well as its parts or the absence of its presence – as their central theme in order to stimulate a critical encounter with its present-day perception. In the works on show there is a mixture of self-portrayal and phantasms, grotesque humour and the uncanny, real limits of the physical and the virtual possibilities of new technologies.

Tabita Rezaire on a museum group show in Switzerland

Tabita Rezaire’s work features on the group exhibition Future Love at the Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel in Switzerland (18 January – 15 April). The exhibition examines the impact of new technologies and social media on our affective relationships and sexuality. The works on display are speculative, critical and at times utopic, inviting viewers to contemplate models of affective relationships that define the human condition.

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