Kagiso Pat Mautloa / In the Viewing Room / 2012


In the next installment of our viewing room programme, Kagiso Pat Mautloa will present new compelling work created during a residency that he took part in at the National School of the Arts this year. As part of the residency, Mautloa spent time at the school’s Art Gallery, making work and presenting workshops that elucidated on his creative process. Following this show, the works will be displayed at the National School of the Arts Gallery.

The new series is a vivid collection of drawings accompanied by sculptures that powerfully shift between abstraction, collage and ghostlike figuration. Much like Mautloa’s previous work, these drawings and objects take their departure from the artist strolls around the streets of his city. The result is a union of urban debris and internal reflection – an amalgamation of old fragments forming something novel and refreshing.

  • Recycler's Trolley (drawing) & Brazier Carrier (sculpture)

    Recycler's Trolley (drawing) & Brazier Carrier (sculpture), 2012

    Drawing: charcoal & ink on paper Sculpture: found objects with gauze

    Drawing: 34...

  • Lunch Break (drawing) & Looking Tall (sculpture)

    Lunch Break (drawing) & Looking Tall (sculpture), 2012

    Drawing: collage and mixed media on paper; Sculpture: founds objects, gauze

    Drawing: 30 x ...

  • A Sorter (drawing) & Figure II (sculpture)

    A Sorter (drawing) & Figure II (sculpture), 2012

    Drawing: mixed media on paper Sculpture: wooden found objects

    Drawing: 55 x 44 cm Sculpture: 72 ...

  • Music Sheet

    Music Sheet , 2012

    Mixed media on canvas

    50 x 40 cm


  • Relaxing

    Relaxing , 2012

    Collage and mixed media on paper

    45 x 72 cm


  • Still Recycling Depot (painting) & Walking to the Recycling Depot (sculpture)

    Still Recycling Depot (painting) & Walking to the Recycling Depot (sculpture), 2012

    Painting: mixed media on canvas Sculpture: found objects


  • Untitled (red & blue swirls)

    Untitled (red & blue swirls), 2012

    Oil on canvas with handmade frame

    102 x 102 cm

  • Composition

    Composition, 2008

    Wood and metal

    42 x 35 cm

  • Installation picture [Kagiso Pat Mautloa / In the Viewing Room / 2012]