Minnette Vári on Art Basel Miami Beach Film Sector

Minnette Vári’s iconic video Quake has been included on the Art Basel Miami Beach Film Sector, and will be screened as part of the ‘Sea of Silence’ Short Film programme selected by David Gryn. “The artists in this program reflect on the poetic silence of the absent and,” the organisers explain, “in so doing, create a louder and much more visceral language.” Vári’s Quake is a reflection on contemporary geopolitics and the world existing in an apocalyptic mode. It portrays narratives of tumult handed on from ancient mythologies through to contemporary popular science fiction to the depiction and posturings of global news. Other artists included in ‘Sea of Silence’ include Tracey Emin, Camille Henrot and Marnie Weber. The programme will take place at SoundScape Park, Miami Beach at 10pm – 11pm, Thursday 3 December 2016.