Dallas Contemporary hosts a solo exhibition of Ghada Amer's ceramic works

Titled Ceramics, Knots, Thoughts, Scraps, Dallas Contemporary hosts an exhibition of Ghada Amer’s ceramic artworks (30 September – 17 December). Having recently turned to the medium as a mode of production, and the first show dedicated to Amer’s ceramic sculptures, the works on view reference the legacy of male artists who represent highly gendered practices – including Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, and John Chamberlain. While Amer’s embroidered canvases speak to the language of painting, her ceramics serve as sculpture. In the artist’s hands the delicate, pliable nature of the clay is a fitting vehicle through which to evoke the fragility of edifice. The women Amer renders are presented as vessels. The illusion of women as purely aesthetic entities is easily shattered, much like the material they are incised into.