Candice Breitz: Group exhibition at Nikolaj Kunshal and Berliner Herbstsalon

Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything, an exhibition dedicated to the late singer/songwriter which features Candice Breitz’s I’m Your Man (A Portrait of Leonard Cohen), opens at Copenhagen’s Nikolaj Kunsthal on 24 October. Breitz’s work includes an eighteen-video screen choral installation centred around Cohen’s comeback album, ‘I’m Your Man’, with passionate fans singing the entire album, accompanied by the Cohen family synagogue chorus. Breitz’s video works TLDR and Profile will also be showing on 4. Berliner Herbstsalon from 24 October to 17 November. Under the title, ‘De-HEIMATIZE IT!’, the Herbstsalon will bring together artists to debate the term ‘Heimat’ in light of current right-wing and conservative forces.