C-16 / 2013


Goodman Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition to end the calendar year, review some of the most significant works produced in 2013 and not yet seen in Cape Town, unveil new chapters in some ongoing projects, and to look forward to exhibitions coming up in 2014.

The exhibition features work by some of South Africa’s most important artists covering the full spectrum of contemporary artistic practice, and also serves as a chance to introduce a Cape Town audience to some of the exciting young artists the gallery has begun working with over the past year.

The exhibition will feature a new flip-book film by William Kentridge titled Second-Hand Reading, with music by South African composer Neo Muyanga. In the film, which premiered to great acclaim in New York in September, the pages of a 1914 edition of Cassel’s Cyclopedia of Mechanics, marked by the artist with charcoal, chalk and pencil, are flipped at twelve pages per second to create a characteristic and remarkable animation.

Kudzanai Chiurai will show the film Moyo – as well as a new photographic print from the project – in which the artist gently engages with notions of memory, mourning and loss. Moyo is the third film in a series that includes Creation and Iyeza, which formed part of his exhibition at dOCUMENTA in 2012.

In a series of photographs titled SABC Minimal Candice Breitz explores the studios and stages behind the scenes at the South African Broadcasting Corporation, an institution that, despite its radical transformation over the past 20 years, remains indelibly marked by its own role in the country’s political and social history.

Gerald Machona anticipates his upcoming solo exhibition in Johannesburg with The Edelweiss, a delicate sculpture of Switzerland’s national flower, made with decommissioned currency and suspended under a glass dome, that speaks powerfully of the impact that seemingly abstract economic policies have on our daily lives.

Haroon Gunn-Salie’s Turn the Other Way, originally installed in a demolished house in District Six, asks viewers to consider their own role in the devastation of the neighborhood that began in the 1960s, and the ongoing conflicts over the land on which it once stood. In transposing the installation to a gallery space on the edge of the district the work’s message is changed and complicated further.

In Land of Black Gold IV, recently shown on the exhibition Kaboom! Comics in Art at the Museum fur Moderne Kunst in Bremen, Siemon Allen strategically cuts up, splices and erases original Tintin comic strips by Hergé to create a large single panel that raises questions about language, cultural perspective and the contingent nature of narrative.

The exhibition also includes large-scale sculptural work by Kendell Geers, Sigalit Landau, Stuart Bird and Walter Oltmann, new and recent photographic work by Mikhael Subotzky, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Alfredo Jaar, David Goldblatt and Sue Williamson, and paintings by Moshekwa Langa, Clive van den Berg and Vusi Beauchamp.

Exhibition opening Saturday 14 December at 10h00

Goodman Gallery Cape Town will remain open throughout the holiday season, except on public holidays. The gallery will also be open on Monday 23 December and Monday 30 December.

  • The Land of Black Gold IV

    Siemon Allen

    The Land of Black Gold IV, 2004

    Printed paper with correction fluid, mounted on foam board panels

    243.8 × 508 × 1 cm

  • Braamfontein from Newtown, Johannesburg. (4_8370)

    David Goldblatt

    Braamfontein from Newtown, Johannesburg. (4_8370), 2001

    Digital Prints on 100% cotton rag paper

    A0 or A0+

    Edition of 6

  • Rietveld Waiting for the Barbarians

    Kendell Geers

    Rietveld Waiting for the Barbarians, 2012

    Mild steel, razor mesh and concrete

    150cm x 54 x 45 cm


  • Writing on the Wall: AllFuckedUp 2012

    Writing on the Wall: AllFuckedUp 2012, 2012

    Shattered Mirror, wood

    300 x 150 x 50 cm

  • Strip Test 6

    Broomberg & Chanarin

    Strip Test 6, 2012

    Print on fiber-based paper

    188 x 85.5 cm

    Edition of 5


  • The Edelweiss

    Gerald Machona

    The Edelweiss, 2013

    Various decommissioned currencies

    54 x 14 x 14 cm

  • Dissent

    Brett Murray

    Dissent, 2012

    Painted metal, edition of 5

    51 x 290 x 10 cm

  • Infant

    Walter Oltmann

    Infant, 2013

    Aluminium wire

    Work: 170 x 172 cm

  • Lekkerbreek

    William Kentridge

    Lekkerbreek, 2013

    Linocut printed on 30 sheets of non-archival pages from Britannica World Language Dictionary, Edition of Funk and Wag...

  • Untitled (from Harvest of Thorns)

    Kudzanai Chiurai

    Untitled (from Harvest of Thorns), 2013

    Wood, bronze & glass beads

    Work: 72 x 230 x 210 cm

  • Moyo II

    Kudzanai Chiurai

    Moyo II , 2013

    UltraChrome Ink on Innova Photo Fiba

    120 x 180 cm

    Edition of 10

  • Alfredo Jaar

    Things Fall Apart, 2009

    Digital print

    43 x 229 cm (17 x 90 ") / Frame: 48 x 233 x 4 cm / Work: 43 x 229 cm

    Edition of 5


  • Turn the Other Way

    Haroon Gunn-Salie

    Turn the Other Way, 2013

    Framed mirror, sand-blasted text and LED lights

    1.6 x 2 m approx

    Edition of 3

  • SABC Minimal #2

    Candice Breitz

    SABC Minimal #2 , 2012

    Digital print on Hahnemühle photo rag baryta paper

    64,3 x 90cm

    Edition of 5

  • SABC Minimal #3

    Candice Breitz

    SABC Minimal #3 , 2012

    Digital print on Hahnemühle photo rag baryta paper

    80,1 x 50,8

    Edition of 5

  • SABC Minimal #4

    Candice Breitz

    SABC Minimal #4 , 2012

    Digital print on Hahnemühle photo rag baryta paper, Edition of 5

    39,2 x 44,3cm

    Edition of 5

  • Die Vaderland 1 (0371)

    Mikhael Subotzky

    Die Vaderland 1 (0371), 2009

    C-print mounted on Dibond / LightJet C-print mounted on Dibond

    Image: 105 x 131cm, paper: 125.5 x 150...

  • Remembering the Treason Trial

    William Kentridge

    Remembering the Treason Trial, 2013

    Lithograph: 63 Panels hand printed on a Takach litho litho press from alumunium plates in 3 runs on...

  • Farmworker’s cottage, and navigation beacon, Groenfontein, near Sutherland, Northern Cape. (4_8955CN)

    David Goldblatt

    Farmworker’s cottage, and navigation beacon, Groenfontein, near Sutherland, Northern Cape. (4_8955CN), 2003

    Digital Prints on 100% cotto...

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